3. Im so hungry but im not gonna eat. Ever.


  4. Im so weak sometimes.


  7. I dont blame anyone but i think it would be better for me to be single. I mean no friends, no boyfriend or smth. I wanna be by myself. If i was a determined girl i would break up with him. But im not. Im so scared now. I know that i love him but im not sure if he does. Its complicated.


  8. Oh well im pretty so everything is gonna be ok.


  9. Idk i feel a little weird tonight. I feel nothing and lots of things at the same time. One thing i exatly know i feel is a dissapointment. Idk i was so silly expecting that you’ve missed me this whole time. You’ll be so close tomorrow and i’ll be able to hug you and kiss you and all this stuff but i need you right now. I need you to be there for me now and youre just too busy. Youre always busy even for me. May be i dont mean to you as much as you mean to me. And it hurts.
    I want someone to love me. And i wanna feel it. But. Idk its just like i always need more attention and love. The more i get the more i need.
    It seems like im not gonna be happy. Ever.


  15. Аноним спросил: U RE UGLY

    You wish it was true but its not.